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Monday, December 1, 2008


I've been reporting on the sad state of affairs over at Banana Republic for years now. Their two standard lines, the Dawson and Gavin, are, in my opinion, not well-cut trousers. However, you could at least say they are reasonable. Sometimes BR has special fits which are often absurd.

Friend and fellow pants connoisseur, Joe Dude, tried on the "Modern Fit" over the weekend and was deeply displeased - who can blame him? Just what about these pants are modern? The crotch-area is completely too big - it almost looks like he has two lower abdominal/pelvic regions. Also, the break is completely unacceptable.

Here is a remodeling that shows how these pants might be improved. Some of the width needs to be taken off, the break needs to be fixed, and for the love of good, the waist/crotch area needs to be streamlined.