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Monday, December 1, 2008


I was graciously invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at my friend's apartment. This was my first Thanksgiving in New York and the meal was delicious. Apparently the turkey had been slaughtered just a few days prior.

On friday I took the MetroNorth Harlem Line train to White Plains, New York, where a certain friend of mine picked me up. We then went to Candlestick Inn, a famous Westchester wing place. The wings were awesome!

We then spent much of the day exploring Westchester, and I saw many many towns. For dinner we went to Gino's in Bronxville. This pizza was very good.

Yeah, this really weird person insisted on me taking his picture at Gino's. What is up with those glasses?

On Saturday night I went to the original Patsy's on 1st Ave near 117th Street. It was quite a good pizza, and only $1.75 a slice!

After eating 4 slices of pizza I generally enjoy eating the chicken strip basket at Popeye's, so eat it I did. Listen to this, though: the Popeye's associate asked me what kind of sauce I wanted and I asked if I could have a side of gravy, and she said "NO." So I, in turn, said "Excuse me, but this is not the service I have come to expect from Popeye's. Please give me the damned gravy!" Actually, this is what I said: "Oh, oh, um, ok, I'll have honey mustard. Thank you."