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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Gummy Adventures - Part III

Hoppy Booby, the boobiest of all the hoppies, walks through the forest in a state of despondency, for the world is empty without delicious gummy treats to eat.  But wait!  There is a bright light emanating from deep in the forest, deeper than he's ever been.  He follows the light until he reaches a clearing, and there he finds a giant gummy, a rectangular monolith, and he seems the gummy robots from the factory, and they eat the giant gummy, but the giant gummy is not consumed. 


"Here I am!"

"Take off your shoes, for thou art standing on hallowed ground"

"Who are you?"

"I am I am!  I like gummies."

"You like gummies, but you are also a gummy yourself?"


"I have heard the creatures of the forest speak of you.  They say you created all of this.  Why?"

"I did not create everything, but I did create you, and I ensured you received gummy, because I loved you, and I wanted you to enjoy tasty artisinal gummies!" 

"Why did you take the gummies away?"

"All you did was frolic and nap and eat gummy, and you never sought me, and I was jealous and hurt.  I went to all this trouble, I created you, I gave you gummy, and you never even asked about me!"

"How foolish you are," Hoppy said.  "The Great I am's feelings are hurt?  Poor you! Even Chumpy the Squirrel doesn't get upset when I go days without seeing him!"

Hoppy Booby starts walking away.

"Where art thou going?" says the Great I am.

"Home.  I'll make do without gummies.  I'd now rather live without gummy, if gummy means being like you!"

The End.