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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Annals of Amazon Reviews

Review posted on Amazon for a Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor watch (first published June 21 2016)

"Great Color contrast, Got this watch today and love the way it looks. Fit's perfect. I have 16 gshocks. And l have the prg270-1 Protrek. Now I have the pag240-1cr. I got for the sale price on for $100.00 get watch of this quality. It's worth the price $160.00 that there asking now on Amazon. Great quality and durable. Waterproof to 100meter. Im a gshock collector been wearing gshocks for 33 years. I had the first one to hit the market in 1983. Casio Pathfinders and protrek watches are very durable and Dependable. I know a lot of people in the Military that where them.Buy you won't be sorry. UPDATE! ! MARCH 17TH ,2017. I had this watch for 9 months now and it still looks brand new. I where it just about every day. I have 30 Gshocks and 5 Protrek watches. I use this watch most because it so comfortable and light on your Wrist. Once you wear it alot. The band gets more comfortable. It is like breaking a new baseball glove in.The more you wear it the more comfortable it gets.UPDATED JUNE 21ST 2017. I HAVE HAD THIS WATCH FOR ONE YEAR TODAY. I LOVE THIS WATCH. I WEAR THIS WATCH AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK. I WOULD WEAR IT MORE.,BUT I HAVE 6 PROTREK WATCHES AND 35 OTHER WATCHES. I HAVE THE PRG 270-1CR PROTREK AND THE PAG240T -7 TITANIUM BAND WATCH AND THE PRW 3500-1 CR PROTREK. AND THE PAG 280-1 CR THE ANALOG WATCH. AND THE PRW 3000-1A PROTREK. I LOVE ALL MY PROTREKS AND MY GSHOCKS. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FOR DURABILITY AND LOOKS. OUT OF ALL MY WATCHES. I WEAR THE GW 9400-1 RANGEMAN WHICH I LOVE THE MOST AND THIS WOULD BE SECOND. THEN AT NIGHT WHEN I RELAX.I WILL WEAR MY GWM 5610-1 GSHOCK WHICH IS A GREAT WATCH FOR A SMALLER GSHOCK. THIS IS THE BEST WATCH YOU CAN BUY FOR THE PRICE. TAKE FROM A GSHOCK AND PROTREK COLLECTOR. I HAVE BEEN WEARING GSHOCKS FOR ALMOST YEARS SINCE THE FIRST ONE CAME OUT IN 1983.I LOVE ALL GSHOCKS AND THE WATCHES BIG OR SMALL. THIS IS THE BEST FOR THE PRICE. LAST YEAR I GOT THIS WATCH $100.00 ON SALE THIS WATCH IS WORTH $200.00. THIS WATCH IS VERY POPULAR IN THE MILITARY. BUY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT GUARANTEED . I THINK I MIGHT HAVE TO MANY WATCHES. 35 GSHOCK WATCHES AND 6 PROTREK WATCHES IS A LOT. BUT I LOVE THEM ALL. I LIKE TO THANK AMAZON .BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN A PRIME MEMBER FOR A YEAR AND I AM SO HAPPY WITH THEIR SERVICE .GOOD LUCK ON ANY WATCH YOU BUY. THE BEST WATCH IS THE ONE THAT FITS BEST ON YOUR WRIST. Update: March 24th 2018. I have had this watch for almost 2 years. I now have 40 Gshocks and 15 Protrek watches. I love this watch.I wear this and the Rangeman Gshock the most. This is definitely the most durable Protrek. This should be considered a Gshock. This is a great watch. Take it from somebody who has been wearing gshocks for 35 Years and Protrek watches since 1998.UPDATE : June 21st . I have now had this watch 2 date when I received it . I now have 2 of these . I bought another back in April of this year. The old one still looks brand new. You won't find a better ABC watch for the price. Buy at Amazon and save money. Some times you can buy it for $99.00 dollars when it goes on sale."