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Friday, June 26, 2020

Gummy Adventures - Part II

Let's take a quick step back and talk more about Hoppy Booby and his love of fresh, artisinal gummy treats.  Hoppy lives in a cozy cabin next to Milligan Stream, a babbling little brook!  The grasses are green and there are colorful flowers all over the place, and the weather is always beautiful, warm during the day, but not too warm, no humidity, cool breezes, and refreshing, cool evenings.

Hoppy Booby rides his bicycle, plays with his animal friends, swims, takes naps, and at night usually sits on his porch and spends time with his special animal friends.  This is when Hoppy will partake in his gummy treats!  He loves gummy worms, fishes, flowers and gummy blocks, which are the size and shape of bricks.

Hoppy is the only one who eats gummy - the animals say they can't eat gummy.  The animals - and Hoppy - eat Splorge, a porridge-like substance which flows out of natural Splorge wells.  For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they all eat Splorge, but at night Hoppy savors his gummy treats.

But now there are no more treats...

To be continued...