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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Gummy Adventures - Part I

A refreshing, happy day.  Green hills, vibrant blue skies, ponds, chirping birds.  There is a young man, Hobby Booby, running about.  Hobby Booby is the only human being that exists.  There are all sorts of animals, and some of the animals can talk.  But Hobby Booby is the only human, no father, no mother, no siblings, and he just came to be.  The animals, the ones that can talk, have told Hobby Booby that the Great I Am, Yahweh, created all that exists.

Hobby Booby loves gummies, and there is a gummy factory nestled in the forest, near Broddagon Pond.  The factory is run by gummy robots who produce all the gummy treats.  Every few days Hobby Booby walks to the factory to pick up a new supply of gummies, which are waiting for him.  He never talks to the gummy robots.  Can they even talk?

One day, Hobby Booby arrives at the factory, but there are no gummies to be had!  The factory is not operating, and the gummy robots are gone.

What is going on!?!?!?  Hobby Booby gets very scared.  How will he have his gummies?!?!?

To be continued...