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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Dispatches of the Food Media Elite

Like, oh my god.  This week is going to be super cray.  Danny Bowien is opening up a new Mongolian noodle parlour in Inwood, and April Bloomfield is opening a new bistro in Prospect Heights.  Not to mention I need to write my regular weekly roundup of recaps of critical reviews, plus my regular weekly update on minor openings and closings, plus I need to update the Top 50 Hottest Restaurants in Manhattan (and the other one for Brooklyn), plus my 10 other required filings.  Like, seriously?  But I love this, I love this world of food.  Oh, I need to, like, write a tweet directed to some hot food media person that shows I'm funny and sweet, congratulating that hot food media person on some incredible accomplishment, like being promoted to chief Staten Island correspondent.  That person so deserves it!  But not really - it should have been me.  But seriously, food is important.  It tells us who we are and who we want to be.  Because I'm a food writer I can write with authority about the meaning and politics of food.  Oh my god! Ok, gotta go meet someone for drinks but don't worry I'll tweet it!