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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pizza Dispatches

It's the beginning of October and the fall crispness is here.  Bring on the pizza!  Don't you love pizza when the fall crispness comes?  The color of the sky is changing, the leaves are turning, and the air is crisp, cool and refreshing...even sometimes a little chilly?  But that's ok.  You can put on a comfy sweatshirt...perhaps a hooded zip sweatshirt?  Then you can order a pizza.

On Friday the fall crispness was here and I decided I wanted pizza.  "I want pizza," I said.  It seemed like a perfect night for delivery.  I decided I wanted to order from Francesco's, a place only about 10 blocks from where I live, but a place I haven't eaten from since before I moved to New York.  The pizza came and it was good.  "This is great regular pizza," I said.  So often in New York, pizza is artisinal or Sicilian or Neapolitan or Detroit sheet pan style or tavern style or whatever style.  Even NY street style is a style.  Francesco's just seems like very good regular American pizza.  The crust was flavorful and golden and is cooked with olive oil.

On Saturday the day was even cooler, dare I say chilly.  On Saturday night there was an electric fall energy in the air.  Jewish people were walking the streets saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"  Oh please!  Although I descend from the tribes of Israel I had more important things on my mind: pizza.  I hopped on a bike and crossed Central Park on a pizza adventure.  Darkness was settling in, and I rode through the park like an insane lemur.  My destination?  Marinara Pizza on the Upper East Side, an establishment I had never been to.  How was it?  Good!  I had a Sicilian slice with pepperoni and a grandma slice.  They had other styles, as well.  From my sampling, Marinara is definitely serving some of the finest grandma and Sicilian pizza in Upper Manhattan, if not the entire city.

After eating my pizza I said thank you.  "Thank you!" I said.  I rode home in the crispness ready for a fall full of all kinds of adventures, pizza and otherwise.