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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Noodle Tickles

Sometimes you just want delicious Chinese noodles.  Yunnan province is known for its rice noodles.  Thin, slippery and springy, with great bounce and fresh rice flavor.  These noodles are good!

I went to Deng Ji II Noodle House in Chinatown to explore some of these rice noodles.  I walked down Chrystie Street and its Chinese markets, the smell of fresh 30 day old flounder in the air, and wandered along the Manhattan Bridge towards Division Street.  Various hawkers peddled their wares under the bridge, the mystery of noodles in the air...the mystery.

I arrived at Deng Ji and entered and found a perfectly humble noodle parlour!  The server could tell I meant business and quickly brought a menu.  "Give me the hot and spicy rice noodles!" I demanded.  The noodles were soon before me.  Springy noodles in a red-slicked broth, filled with chiles, minced beef and assorted flavors and seductions.  I slurped up some of the noodles.  "Damn these are good noodles!" I said.  But the was addictive.  It called to me.  Here I am!

Deng Ji II Noodle House
Division Street, Manhattan Chinatown