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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mexico City Sauce Crevices

I went to Mexico City in late April in search of sauces and crevices, and sauce crevices.  In these searches, I ended up dousing my own crevices with sauces.

Where can I begin?  The ancient City of Mexico is a sauce-lovers' dream.  The bustling streets are filled with mole houses and tacquerias and tortillerias.  What is amazing about Mexico City is that every one of these cantinas or fondas or antojito houses have homemade sauces, always at least a red and green sauce, and often multiple red and green sauces.  The sauces are piquant, fresh, savory, flavorful and arousing.  Soon, I was screaming in sauce pleasure!

As I was walking down a crevice (a street), I found a sauce crevice (taco) stand.  I ordered a sauce crevice and proceeded to pour red and green sauces into the sauce crevice.  "Wow these sauces are amazing!" I said as I ate my sauce crevice.  The sauce crevice was so full of sauce I dripped sauces into my own crevices.  I stood on the crevice eating a sauce crevice dripping sauces into my crevices.

Sauce crevice establishment and sauce crevices consumed
Lopez 167 - 2
Tacos Gonzalez - 1
El Vilsito - 6
Grandma taco crazy (some random lady near Chapultepec Metro)- 1
Tacos hola - 2
Contramar - 4 (possibly 5)
Ricos Tacos Toluca - 1
Pujol - 1