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Monday, May 23, 2016

Cacio e Poo-poo

Oh god the juices are calling to me.  I love a good juice.  A fresh, cold-pressed juice.  Perhaps kale and watermelon, or a mango and lime?  The juices are fresh and refresh me.  I drink the juices.  I drink them and then go running, I run 80 miles, and then I stretch and meditate and drink more juices.

But juices are not the purpose of this blog today.  Today I write of the firm, al dente pastas of Rome. On Saturday I visited a cute little trattoria on the Upper East Side called Sandro's.  I had read  of this special little trattorio on Grubstreet, which had posted on the best cacio e pepe in New York. Some of the places I knew about, but Sandro's? No, I had never heard of it.  But as I read of the creamy pasta flecked with fragrant, course black pepper, I knew I couldn't resist!

What is cacio e pepe, you ask?  Well yes, let me tell you.  It's pasta with cheese, black pepper, and, of course, some of the pasta cooking water to help form a sauce with the cheese.  Oh god the suppleness of these pastas and creams is amazing.  I ate the pasta at the bar with my lover and delighted in the pasta.  They were very nice to us and gave us complimentary items, including a delicious vegetable soup and soft, tender sugar cookies.  What a special little trattorio, indeed!

Upper East Side