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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Do you ever want a cold pressed juice?  Perhaps apple and kale and a dash of lemon?  Or how about beets, carrots and lime?  I will admit that sometimes I crave cold, refreshing cold pressed juices.  Sometimes I get one (or two) at the juice store.  I put on my favorite jump suit, strap on my fanny pack, and fast-walk to the juiceteria.  I can smell the fresh juices from a mile away.  A whiff of wheat grass; a hint of mint.  The smells are very fragrant, fresh and satisfying.  When I walk into the juice parlour they greet me by name (yes, I admit it, I go to get a juice [or three] all the time, so they know me very well).  "Mr. Goldblum!  It's very nice to see you!  What will it be today?"  I tell them what it will be today, and then I drink my cold pressed juices and feel the energy building.  I feel so cleansed!  The juices are so fresh.  Then I fast-walk home and do some jumping jacks.  What kind of juice will you have today?