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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Burger Investigations

Hello, and welcome back.  It's summer.  For a while.  Then summer will end, transforming into fall, which will transform into winter, which will transform into spring, which will transform back to summer, and so on until the sun blows up.  What is the significance of summer?  I'm sure there are many significances, but one is that I make it my mission to eat a lot of burgers during summer.  What are the burgers I've eaten thus far?  Sit back and relax, for I will now list the main burgers I've eaten this summer and provide some thrilling commentary (please note I am not counting Shake Shack's burger, of which I've eaten a few, and which is a reliably good hamburger).

First off, I ate the burger at Lure Fishbar.  Yes, I know what you might be thinking.  But despite its name and propensity for seafood, Lure Fishbar was reputed to have a very excellent burger.  I ate the burger.  I would not go so far as to say it was excellent, but it was pretty good.

Next up is the burger at Upland.  This was a good burger, perhaps even quite good, but not a moan-inducing burger.  This burger had avocado.  The fries were crispy and quite good.  A nice, good burger but again, I didn't convulse in ecstasy.

Finally we have the burger at Ma Peche.  Now this was a very good burger, perhaps bordering excellent.  The meat was certainly flavorful and well-salted, with melted white cheddar and a savory bacon jam.  The bun was tender and full of sesame seeds.  For me this was a burger worthy of a return visit.

Well, I've hope you've enjoyed yet another episode of my continuing adventures.  Unless the sun blows up ahead of schedule, I will be back soon to report on my final round of burgers for the summer.

Lure Fishbar, SoHo
Upland, Flatiron
Ma Peche, Midtown