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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Look Back and a Glance Forward

As I sat here on my rocking chair sipping a nice glass of Canada Dry ginger ale, I can't help but remember all of the wonderful adventures I've been on.  Adventures in search of excellent fried chicken, bountiful pizzas, intoxicating Thai, luscious creams.  But even a handsome, rugged, talented, powerful, agile, vibrant man such as myself must face certain unpleasant facts.  Yes, it's true.  I'm not quite as fast as I once was.  True, I am still the fastest there is, but my curve is sloping downward, and someday, someone else's curve, on its way up, will intersect mine and ascend higher.  Dear friend, do not cry, for I still have lots of time.  But sometimes on a cold night such as this one, I put on my flannel lounge pants and bake a pizza rather than venturing into the wilds of Brooklyn.  Yes, my bones are slightly achy from my 25 minute stationary bike ride at the gym last night, and I've had a hard week, and the temptations of my domicile call out to me.  There will be many adventures to come, but someday I will likely stay home more and more and reflect on my past adventures.  The good news is I have so many adventures, most of which I have not yet shared to the world, that I will have plenty to keep me busy, and plenty of more tales to keep you enthralled.  Even faithful readers of my chronicles have never heard of my pursuits in China with my trusty Asian Koala bear sidekick Frederick, or...ah, I am getting ahead of myself.  I will tell you more later.