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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Jackets: The New Pants?

For many years I have struggled to find good pants.  Pants that fit well.  Not too tight but not too baggy, not too long but not too short.  I want to walk the streets of the city and feel proud, not embarassed.  Luckily, thanks to the rise of Uniqlo, I have done quite well with pants over the past several years.  Their regular fit pants look great on me, and I often receive compliments from women who want me and men who want to be me.

Winter jackets are another matter.  I am a man who can be quite slim, but lord knows thanks to my fried chicken adventures and cream dessert proclivities, I can also carry around a few extra pounds.  Now, keep in mind, the extra pounds are limited and I still look incredibly dashing, but it's true, sometimes I am slightly puffy, especially in my cheek and breast areas.  My ample breasts, in particular, can make finding a well-fitting winter jacket quite difficult.

What sort of jacket am I looking for?  Well, I don't want to regularly wear a gentleman's top coat. I also don't want a North Face expedition parka.  I want a jacket that is classy and semi-casual but also warm and functional.  Many jackets these days are down, and they frankly are too puffy for me, adding to my already considerable breastal girth. I don't know what to do.