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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fried Chicken Dispatches

As I sit here writing I think back on all my fried chicken adventures.  Lord knows I have traveled all across this great city in search of expertly fried poultry, and, at times, have even traveled outside the city. 
For instance, there was the time I journeyed to Louisianna in the winter of 2012 and snuck onto a Mississippi River barge in pursuit of the great crunchy delight. I befriended a fellow stowaway, a creole magician named Scooter L'Enfonte.  Old Scooter told me of a joint in Baton Rouge called Chicken Shack, which he said had some of the finest fried chicken in all the land.  Old Scooter and I became quite the friends.  During the dark nights Scooter performed wondrous magic shows lit by candle light.  Unfortunately, a mad river boat captain, Captain Jack, discovered our presence on his vessel and eventually captured poor Scooter, who was made to walk the plank.  When I safely escaped and made it to Baton Rouge, I ate a thigh in Scooter's honor from Chicken Shack. 
Today's journey did not involve river boat captains or creole magicians, but it did involve men in skinny pants and women who hadn't washed their hair in weeks.  Of course, I was in Bushwick Brooklyn, and I had no choice but to cut down a few of these vagrants who annoyed me with their detached irony and lack of real jobs.  Anyhow, anyone on a food mission to Bushwick is likely on his way to Roberta's, and such was the case for me.  For years there had been whispers of a mysterious fried chicken served at the famous Bushwick institution, but never have I been able to have it.  However, recently Roberta's opened up a takeout operation, and they regularly serve their fried chicken.
A thigh I ordered, and it was a good thigh.  The taste of cayenne was very apparent, and there was a very nice crust.  The meat was very juicy, and on one bite in particular a load of juice embarassingly burst out and splattered all over the place.  The thigh was not very plump, which was a good thing because it allowed for a very nice crust to meat ratio, ensuring lots of crunch and flavor.  The meat itself could have used a little more salt in my opinion, but it was good.  Overall this was an enjoyable fried bird.  It wasn't fried to order, which may have bolstered the experience, but as it was it was respectable.  The only thing missing was my old friend Scooter and his magic shows.   I know Scooter watches me from the great beyond, scouting all of the fried chicken places we'll enjoy when I someday join him.