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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Captain Pleasant

Ho!  Yes!  Captain Pleasant is the name.  I really enjoy things that are pleasant.  What is pleasant?  In these matters I find it useful to make a comparison in order to define.

Example 1: A dry-aged steak broiled and topped with its own juices, served with oven roasted potatoes and a glass of fine red wine.

Example 2: A mild and luscious piece of banana cream pie topped with light whipped cream.

Which one is pleasant?  If you guessed Example 1, shame on you.  While Example 1 is certainly excellent and wonderful, it is not pleasant.  Example 2, on the other hand, with its lighthearted wholesomeness and dairy whipping is pleasant

I love things that are pleasant and usually put on quite a show when I come across them.  For instance, just now I stopped into my local Dunkin' Donuts for an iced coffee, and, lo and behold, on the front door they were advertising their new sugar cookie latte.  Pleasant, indeed.  With its holiday tidings and the little sugar cookie sprinkles prominently placed on top of the milky foam, you can't help but scream, which is exactly what I did.  "OH YEAH IT'S PLEASANT!" I yelled to anyone who cared to take notice of my rousing cheers.  Many people stopped and watched me scream, speechless, no doubt filled with delight of their own. 

Yes I am looking forward to some Holiday snowings, warm greetings, and sugar cookie latte drinkings.  OH PLEASANT.