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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Continuing Saga of Fried Chicken

Jesus when will it end?  Just when you think you've tried all of the fried chicken, there's yet another place you need to try.  I am so weary I will not bring up this new fried chicken place which I just learned about.  Rather, I will expound upon a fried chicken feast I consumed last week with a merry band of revelers.  We dined at The Breslin, and made reservations for their fried chicken feast, which is only available upon request and with advanced notice.  This was an adventure weeks in the making.

How was the feast?  It was good, but I must say the sides often overshadowed the chicken.  This is to be expected with turkey and Thanksgiving dinner, but when you go to a fried chicken feast, you damn well want the fried chicken to steal the show.  I can't say this was the case. The fried chicken was good, but it was not great.  The biscuits were excellent; the salad was excellent (yes I can't believe I am saying a salad was excellent); the champ (a buttery mashed potato cacophony) was excellent; but the fried chicken was really just pretty good.

The whole experience was rather delightful.  The dessert was underwhelming: little apple pies with very good ice cream, and although the ice cream was very good it couldn't make up for the just ok pies.  But overall a fine evening with only pretty good fried chicken.