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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Chronicles of Creams

A cream letdown is one of the worst letdowns.  Every year I look forward to the pumpkin custard at Shake Shack.  Yes, many places have good pumpkin ice cream, but Shake Shack's custard is just so creamy and rich, and their pumpkin flavor is beyond reproach.  Normally Shake Shack will offer a certain flavor on a given day (let's say Tuesday) for the entire month.  This month I noticed they were offering a flavor for an entire week, and then moving on to another flavor the following week.  Today I thought I was in time for pumpkin, but it turns out pumpkin ended yesterday.  I pleaded with the cashier but eventually the manager came and sternly said I needed to stop or I would be asked to leave.  He assured me the pumpkin flavor will be back at some point.  To soften the blow I partook in a peanut butter marshmallow swirl custard, and I must say it was fantastic.  Still, I long for pumpkin.