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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Continuing Evidence of the Ridiculousness of Serious Eats

I go to Serious Eats, the New York-centric food blog, daily.  More than any other person, place or thing, it has influenced my food exploration, no doubt for the better. That being said, it is an absolutely ridiculous, absurd, bordering on immoral, embarrassing website.  Its level of food dorkiness is unparalleled; it points to a deep pathology and meaninglessness, not to mention a pronounced yet in-disguise elitism.

Further evidence of this fact was posted today under a review called "Six NYC Flat Breads You Should be Eating."  I will repeat that for dramatic effect: “Six NYC Flat Breads You Should Be Eating." The supreme stupidness of saying there are 6 flat breads in New York you should be eating begs questions such as:
  • How could this dork - I’m sorry but there’s just no other word for such a person - feel compelled to write about flat bread, and what exactly is that even?
  • Who in god’s name has time to go to 6 different places throughout the 5 boroughs in search of the best flat breads?
  • In what kind of world can someone write something like this, and in what kind of world can people read this and feel like it’s interesting?
Anyway, I will probably try at least two of these places this weekend.