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Friday, November 8, 2013

Chicken Finger Investigations

Sometimes there's nothing like a nice, classic order of chicken fingers with fries.  Today I investigated the chicken fingers and fries at Popeye's.  The fingers themselves were nicely battered, although slightly undercooked.  The fries were "cajun style," which meant they had a curly fry-like flavoring, although the fries were indeed not curly.  They were enjoyable enough fries, but I frankly prefer a classic french fry - no batter, no seasonings other than a judicious use of salt.  The available mustard sauce lacked honey, which is a serious shortcoming at a chicken finger establishment.  True, it was a nice, brown dijon mustard, but simply will not do for chicken fingers and fries.  In summary, I love eating chicken fingers with fries as a great Friday treat.