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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Department of Pants

It's early November, which means it's prime pants-buying time.  We have a long winter ahead, and it's best to get some nicely fitting pants so one can feel confident, sleek and masculine.  A heroic pant is what we're looking for.

Where might one look for such a pant?  Well, maybe the Gap.  I've been keeping my eyes on the classic khaki in straight fit.  It looks to be a fine cut, sleek but not skin-tight.  Here are some comments on the Gap website regarding this classic, straight cut:

"Great work Gap! Parents of long and lean boys out there know how difficult it is to find pants that fit well. You have succeeded in creating the perfect pair of pants! Thank you for a job well done! I also appreciated the ease of ordering and the free shipping! I will certainly be a repeat customer!!"

"My husband was looking for a few pairs of khakis to wear to work. These pairs were nice and sleek. They fit well and evenly throughout the body. Nice room in the leg, but not too baggy. Very classic look. He ended up getting them in three colors!"

Hm.  These seem nice.  I must try some.