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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Department of Pants

Yesterday I went to Uniqlo, for I needed a new pair of work pants.  Unfortunately, recently two pairs of my  work pants developed holes in the back pocket where I keep my wallet.  My wallet is a bulgy affair, and the constant poking and friction finally led to destruction.  I decided to purchase a new, fabric wallet so this travesty doesn't occur again.

Uniqlo's vintage chinos are a fine cut and material, and I've been enjoying them for a couple of years.  Uniqlo offers free alterations, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you are finally freed from a life of only a 32" inseam or a 34" inseam or even a 33" inseam.  You can select your length at 1/4" increments until you find that perfect fit, which breaks splendidly and offers enough ankle coverage.  The curse: they seem to be rather inconsistent in the tailoring, and you can drive yourself insane trying to perfect your length.

Yesterday I asked for a 32.5" inseam.  Today, wearing the pants, I can't help feel they're a little short, and the left-hand side is even shorter than the right.  This brings up another issue: I've noticed time and again that my left leg must be slightly longer than my right, because I always notice the left hand side of my pants is slightly shorter.  Therefore, next time I go to Uniqlo maybe I should ask for 32.5" for the right leg and 33" for the left.

This has been yet another dispatch from the Department of Pants.