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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Annals of Fall Treats

A crisp day, it was.  In the sun, warm, in the shade, cool.  When night fell upon the land, a crispness emerged.  Sweaters.  Jackets.  These things were desirable, even necessary.  I settled into my favorite chair, opened up my laptop, and began a program on Netflix.  At my side was a plate of Trader Joe's pumpkin macaroons and a tall glass of cold apple cider.  The macaroons were delicate and very generous, giving freely of their luscious, spiced creams; the spiced cider acted as an admirable foil.  I watched my program, ate my pumpkin creams and drank my cider, a symphony of a fall evening if ever there was one. Pumpkin creams! Cider! Netflix programs on a cozy chair, wrapped in a blanket, a crisp breeze entering my chamber! CRISPNESS.