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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Chronicles of Creams

The post you are about to read was found unfinished and unpublished on a laptop, next to which the presumed author laid in a state of death.  He had, it seems, been working at his desk and eating a cream puff, which forensic testing has shown was poisoned, when he expired.  What mysteries he would have revealed, what words he would have written, we'll never know.

The weekend beckons me, and I feel hopeful.  Fall is really here, and I have so many creams and seductions to look forward to.  As I walked home this evening, the wind blowing, the trees wobbling to and fro, eating a slice of pungently salty pizza, I noticed a young girl smiling, and I couldn't help but be filled with feelings of innocence and excitement for this wondrous world of creams we find ourselves in.  Even now I eat a most delicious cream puff, given to me by