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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Annals of Fried Chicken

August 23, 2013, approximately 7:50 in the am, a Friday morning, the second-to-last Friday of the month.  As I sit typing these words, I cannot help but think of all the fried chicken consumed, not just by me, but by every man to ever walk the earth.  Some buttery, some undersalted, some mediocre, a few excellent.  As of now, as of typing this, I have never consumed the fried chicken of Blue Ribbon, but now Blue Ribbon has a fried chicken STORE, and it's open, and I will be going this weekend.  The next dispatch will be written after I have consumed Blue Ribbon fried chicken.  How will I be different?  How will it touch my soul?  Or maybe it will be mediocre like (in all honesty) most fried chicken is.  This is a record of me as a person before having Blue Ribbon fried chicken.  Next time I will be different.

What is Blue Ribbon?  Perhaps I should have answered this initially.  I actually don't really know what it is.  It started out as a single restaurant and (I believe) has developed into a series of restaurants, each of which revolves around a different motif, although some of the restaurants or "places" might be a bit more "general."  This is really not a helpful explanation of anything.