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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trader Joe's Diaries

"Let's go to the beach, each
Let's go get away
They say, what they gonna say?
Have a drink, clink, found the bud light
Bad bitches like me, is hard to come by"

Oh dear me! I was just -- I was just -- oh blast it! You caught me: I was listening to a song by Nicki Minaj entitled Starship, a maddeningly catchy, spirited and soaring pop beat if I've ever heard one, and I challenge to a duel anyone who says I've never heard one.  

If Minaj is not your cup of tea, I do hope you will continue to read my little chronicles of Trader Joe's, an equally spirited and soaring purveyor of all manner of food items.  Why just today I stopped by to do some light shopping.  In the frozen section I found a pumpkin pie: yes indeed.  Nearby I found whipped topping: yes indeed.  

I now find myself enjoying a pumpkin pie, rich and fragrant with spices, smothered in luscious, creamy whipped topping, while listening to Nicki Minaj.  

Yes, indeed.