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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Department of Pants

Sometimes your denim trousers (or jeans) fit right, but sometimes they're too snug or sometimes they're too baggy.  How do you get a pair that fits just right, accounting for the fact that the pants will stretch a little with wear?

God knows how many times I've purchased a pair of jeans and thought, ok, these fit pretty well, maybe a tad roomy, but really quite nice, only to wear them for a week and find they're completely loose and ridiculous.  However, just as dangerous is when you buy a pair that is too snug, and no amount of stretching can help.

What should you do then when it comes to purchasing denim?  Certainly err on the side of a very tiny tad snug.  However, as mentioned, sometimes normal wear will not do the trick in terms of the stretching.  What then?  What then, you ask?

Go for a bike ride.

Yes, put on your snug jeans and go for a vigorous bike ride.  The pants will stretch beautifully and form to the contours of your body.  The pants will look like they were custom tailored.  

This has been another chapter in the Department of Pants.