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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Chronicles of Creams

Historically, Labor Day weekend has meant only one thing: peach pie oh my at Shake Shack. Such was again the case this past Labor Day weekend, and I did what any good man would do: I ate one.

Periodically throughout the year, Shake Shack will have a "pie oh my" special, in which they mash a seasonal pie into their deliciously creamy custard.

Peach pie is an absolutely divine pie to smash into custard, let me tell you.  I savored each bite, thanking whichever god or gods happen to exist, for his/her/their/its benevolence.  Indeed, I have often said the deliciousness of food is one of the best arguments for the existence of a larger force in the universe.

If I were a praying man, I would ask for just one thing: pie oh my always, not just a few times a year.  Why just peach for Labor Day, pumpkin in the fall, and blueberry in early summer?  Why not an apple pie?  A chocolate cream pie?  A rhubarb?

As I looked into the stars these are the things I wondered.