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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dispatches from the Front

Do you ever wake up and just know you are going to butcher some fine chocolates that day? Yes, me too.

Yesterday, Saturday, was such a day, and so I decided to go to Neuhaus, a Belgian chocolate shop which claims to have invented the praline (in European circles, a praline is a chocolate with various fillings).  

I got several chocolates, and the nice lady at the counter even let me sample one; however, she furtively glanced around the shop -- seemingly to make sure no other associates were watching -- before handing me the fine concoction.  

Friends, I don't usually go searching for chocolates while on my little adventures, but this trip was well worth it.  I had various morsels filled with hazelnut and almond creams.  Also, on my trek over I passed an interesting building which had little men posted at the gates.

As I left, some sinister-looking men walked in as I walked out, and I took a few steps before realizing what was happening.  I turned around and could see that inside the men were apprehending the counter lady.  I attempted to gain entry back into the store, but the door had been locked.  I drew my pistol and was about to fire into the glass when I felt a hard thud and then all went black.  

I later woke up in Central Park with a headache much worse than even the one I experienced in Tiujana after drinking 2 bottles of whiskey with a luchador named El Cisco.  I ran back to the store but the counter lady was gone, and when I demanded to know what happened, the new counter lady threatened to call the police.  I decided it was not the time for a confrontation, but as god is my witness, I will avenge my noble chocolate friend!  

Madison Avenue near 53rd Street