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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Chronicles of Creams

The creams called to me; they beckoned me. And so I asked myself: from where should I get a cream? And then I recalled I had just read an entry on Serious Eats about the tres leche parfait at Ivy Bakery. And so I went to Ivy Bakery.

First, though, I find it necessary to discuss the author of the aforementioned entry. She writes the "Sugar Rush" column for Serious Eats, and from what I can tell, is incapable of doing anything other than eating dessert and/or thinking or talking about it. This might sound excellent, but the more of her posts you read, the more inclined you are to feel that the entire endeavor is absurd. Really - why does a human being go around eating so much dessert and writing about it? In a way, it's ridiculous and/or pathological.

Now, I am sure said Sugar Rush columnist is a nice person. And one could say similar things about me (to which I would reply, not true, I also think about adventure, the Civil War, going on missions, etc.). Yet the more of these Sugar Rush pieces I read - or just any of the Serious Eats ridiculousness - the more uneasy I feel. Why another list of the best this or thats? Why another laborious explanation of the way some god forsaken dish tastes? Truly, we have reached our age of decadence as a civilization, and everything will soon fall apart.

But anyway, back to the creams.

Ivy Bakery is a delightful little place that seems to enjoy wood: wood floors, wood tables, wood chairs, wood pies. There are board games, and while I was there an adorable mother and daughter played Candyland.

I had the tres leche parfait, and while the cake itself was enjoyable but not particularly special, the whipped cream was quite superb: thick with a light sweetness; a substantial cream.

I would like to try their whipped cream on other confections. Further investigations are warranted.

Ivy Bakery
West Houston Street