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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Pizza Files

Heading north on Metro North, I pondered life, my successes, failures, what it all means.  I then concluded that it means nothing, but I was soon cheered up by the fact that I was going to try Johnny's Pizzeria in Mt. Vernon, New York.

I like to say I have good pizza intuition, and after seeing some pictures, I knew Johnny's was going to be good.  It had the look of a great suburban/Metro area pizza, the type not to be found in the City.  Yes, the City has all of its slice places (many of which aren't that great), the Naples places, the New York coal oven style places, etc., blah.  Some of these are excellent, but sometimes you want what seems only to be found in the greater Tri-state area: the neighborhood places in New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut.

Johnny's is exactly as it should be, and I imagine it's looked the way it does for decades.  I found the service to be perfectly nice and efficient.  There were families and teenagers and old married couples who probably have been coming all their lives.  There was a man in polyester with one of the finest blonde 70s era wigs I have ever seen.

The pizza was fabulous, and easily enters my top 10.  It's super thin, but still has a little bit of chew.  The crust is flavorful and has some areas of crispy burnt goodness.  The cheese comes first and then a sauce of simple crushed tomatoes.  A perfect amalgamation of tomatoes and cheese occurs, and this was one of the most flavorful plain pizzas I've ever had.  One half had pepperoni, which was good, but I preferred the plain.

Thank you, Johnny's, for distracting me from the meaninglessness of my existence.

Johnny's Pizzeria
Mount Vernon, New York