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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Pale Rider Embarks

The day was warm and sunny, so the Pale Rider mounted traveler and headed east, to the land of the rising sun, also known as Flushing, Queens.  Now, I know what you might be thinking: he went for some sort of Asian food.  It is true, Flushing is known for its Asian excellence, and indeed, I have chronicled some of this excellence in the past.  But no, not this time.  This time, I sought pizza.

As readers of the Pizza Files well know, I have recently been exasperated with pizza.  I have been yearning for excellent slices, of which there are too few in New York.  In my research I came across a certain Lucia's Pizza, and based on the picture alone I knew it would be a savory slice.  And so I rode.

Lucia's is a thin strip of a place, filled with police officers, locals, Chinese people, etc.  Indeed, it was a touching New York moment to see an older Chinese couple eating slices.  How were these slices?  Excellent.  It's perhaps an understatement to say it's a cheesy pizza - the slices are drowning in a cheesy, greasy pool of flavor and happiness.  Often I do not like pizza this cheesy, yet it was a high quality mozzarella, full of sharp flavor. I am so enamored with this place I can say it easily enters my top 10.

Before heading off to my next adventure, I decided to sample some Chinese.  There is a stall of vendors I've walked past on Main Street countless times, and I've always wanted to try something, so try something I did.  Not one, but two old Chinese women cut in front of me, but such is the price you pay.  I ordered the LoMein, which was fine but extremely unremarkable, save for the price: $1.25 for the largest portion of noodles stuffed into a styrofoam container in world history.

I mounted traveler and continued on my journey, my planned destination being Eddie's Sweet Shop, an historic ice cream parlor located in Forest Hills, Queens. I rode through Flushing Meadows Park, and saw many wondrous things.

Eddie's Sweet Shop could be called cute, delightful, splendid, quaint, fun, or all of the above.  I ordered a hot fudge sundae with a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of coffee chip.  It was a respectable sundae.  The whipped cream is homemade, and when I asked how they make it, I was told it was a secret. It was a nice enough cream, but not particularly noteworthy in the annals of creams.  I also ordered a Coke, which is made fresh with syrup and seltzer.

As I consumed my sundae at the counter, a couple, probably in their 50s, walked in.  They were dressed in their Sunday best.  The woman went to the restroom, leaving behind a sickening funk of cheap perfume, and the man pathetically hit on the waitress.  Choking on Sears brand perfume, I paid my check and left.  I stood outside checking my Google Map, and the couple departed and went on their way.    "That was seltza, I loved it!" the women said in a New York accent.  Indeed it was seltzer; indeed it was.