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Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I Need to Learn More About

What do I know about Captain James Cook? Basically nothing. However, I enjoy adventure and know quite a bit about it. I enjoy adventure on the high seas. I like the term "high seas." I also like the word "maritime." I like navigation. I like visiting exotic lands. I like killing the natives. All of that stuff is great. So why would I not like Captain James Cook?

I am going to start a new feature on this blogsite called "Things I need to learn more about." I will create a list that will be displayed in the right column, and this list will have a list, listing things I need to learn more about. First up on the list: Captain James Cook.

Here are some articles I will read to learn more: 1 2 3

Preliminary research aimed at finding academic departments or centers that specialize in maritime history has proven disappointing. Tufts has a Maritime Studies program within their International and Public Affairs School. Further investigations are necessary. Furthermore, I feel I should create a second "Thing I Need to Learn More About": Maritime History.