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Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Update

Hi, and welcome back to Food & Pants/Pants & Food.

I sure hope you had a nice weekend - mine was great. I think we can divide it into 3 parts: 1) Chinese in Bensonhurst 2) Long Beach and 3) The High Line.

1) Chinese in Bensonhurst

It was a little while ago that I read a review in Village Voice citing Bamboo Pavillion, a restaurant in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, as the best Sichuan in New York City. Well, I sure do like Sichuan so I needed to look into this matter. The results: Bamboo Pavillion is excellent and may rival Spicy and Tasty in Flushing.

Before the meal, we were waiting for a friend to arrive from Bushwick, and since I was hungry and there was an Italian pastry shop accross the street, I decided to partake in a cannoli.

The front of Bamboo Pavillion, which purports to have a "hot & spicy taste."

These were excellent dumplings in red chile oil

We had many excellent meat dishes

This was called chow fun, though it didn't remind me of the flat noodles I'm used to - it was quite good, though

2) Long Beach

On Saturday I went to Long Beach, which is about an hour away from the City. I did some swimming and ate at Five Guys, which I thought was really good.

I went with two friends, one a frequent commenter on this blog (that's really the only reason I like him). It was a great, happy and special day.

Burger at Five Guys - I was very impressed

My favorite time at the beach is when the sun is going down

3) The High Line

The High Line is a new "park" that sits on top of an old elevated train rail. It is in the Meatpacking District, where lots of cool and attractive people walk around (I felt very out of place).

This is a hotel that sits above the highline

As you can now see, it's basically on "stilts"

I like this building



These are called 'flowers'

After the high line, my friends and I walked around and eventually ended up in Chinatown, where we ate bahn mi sandwiches