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Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Trouble in Little Pepper

Hi. On Friday I felt like going to Flushing for Chinese food. Sometimes when I feel sick and sad that is what I do - I go to Flushing for Chinese food all by myself. Once in Flushing, I get Chinese food from some place, sit outside, and ponder the meaning of life.

What were some of my ponderings?

- Given that the universe is so incredibly large, does anything we do really matter?
- What would it even mean for something to matter?
- Are pleated pants intrinsically awful, or only awful because we think they're awful?

Here are pictures from my Flushing sadness...

On the 7 train, heading to Flushing


Little Pepper - where I got my food from

The Little Pepper man - he looks happy

The inside of Little Pepper - they could use a BIG renovation! Ha!

This is where I sat to eat my food

These are dan dan noodles and they were awesome

This is beef jerky in spicy sauce - it was good but not awesome - it was literally beef jerky, so it was good to snack on but not so good as a meal

This was my view - on the right is Spicy & Tasty, the fabled Sichuan restaurant - some lady kept peering out from the window and looking me - another guy walked by, saw me eating dan dan noodles, and said "good for you, buddy!"