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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Spicy & Milk Duds

"Stand up for what's right, even if you're standing alone."

These inspirational words, often seen in middle school guidance offices across the nation, were my strength last night. I was at work and I started thinking, you know what, I want to go to Spicy & Tasty, the amazing Flushing Sichuan restaurant, which was discussed on this blog many months ago.

Anyway, this restaurant is great. As I sat in my cubicle I said to myself, "I have to go." That's what I said. It's possible I may have been able to find someone(s) to go with me, but I was feeling this to be a solo excursion, which are sometimes preferable for existential reasons. Now, I think generally it's best to go to Spicy & Tasty with as many people as possible to facilitate sharing, but sometimes, see above quote.

Sit down for what's right, even if you're sitting with others

It's always extremely difficult to know what to order at Spicy & Tasty. The menu is huge and enticing. Also, when you first walk in there's this appetizer counter, with this guy, who seems to be some kind of master, dishing out portions of interesting appetizers.

You can only see the master's left shoulder in this picture, but he does have other body parts

After some serious soul searching I ordered dan-dan noodles, which I had last time when my brother was in town. They are the most delicious noodles, with minced pork in an indescribably delicious sauce with scallions. The sauce is rich and there is a little soy sauce, but also other things, perhaps pork stock? Sesame oil? Red chili oil? I don't even know, but those scallions are fresh and delicious!

I also ordered minced pork with Chinese string beans. The strings beans are very thin and diced into small pieces. Along with the minced pork, there is nothing in the dish that is larger than a pebble. You take a bite and you wonder if you like it. The string beans have been perhaps soaked in brine. At any rate, they're slightly sourish and very pungent. Then you take take another bite, and perhaps this time you get a bite of scallion or garlic. Then you take another bite and this time you get a piece of squishy, succulent pork. You take another bite and then another. Yes, you like it.

I took my food to go and found an empty street across from a weird Chinese mall and ate sitting on the curb. I recommend everyone do this at least once in their lives. It purges the soul, among other things.

The aftermath of my meal

My view as I ate

When I finished I cleaned up my mess and threw out my garbage in a city waste basket. I stopped at a Duane Reade and bought a diet soda, milk duds, and a trashy magazine. I then boarded the 7 train and made my way home. There was some silly guy speaking with his girlfriend or wife. We made eye contact a couple of times. Perhaps he thought I was interested in his woman? If I could speak Spanish I might have said, "No sir, I am not interested in your woman!"

The man and his woman

Me and my Milk Duds - I think I win