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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Dog & The Master Are One & The Same

Yesterday, Saturday, was a day of plentiful adventures and explosions of happiness. I woke up and went running (I've put on some pounds because of FOOD, which is making it hard to fit into my PANTS). Then I did some reading, took a little nap, cooked a couple of eggs, and got dressed for my big day.

The plan was to walk from 101st Street and West End Avenue, where I live, down to SOHO to buy some socks. Later I needed to get to Queens to meet some friends for dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Spicy & Tasty, which has been mentioned on this blog numerous times. It was pretty much a perfect fall day in my book - overcast, slightly chilly and crisp, smell of burnt leaves and cider in the air.

I made my way through Central Park and then down 5th Avenue, which was packed. I found myself at one of those silly street fairs, but since I was kind of hungry I bought a $5 kebab of beef. Then, since I was close to Grand Central, I thought I'd go there and kill some time and perhaps read a newspaper or magazine.

After that I walked down to Union Square and witnessed a girl almost getting her finger bitten off by a dog. A mom and daughter were walking by a dog, attended to by two young ladies, who was chewing on a bone. The daughter wanted to pet the dog and the mom was like, honey, I don't think you should do that, he's eating, you might upset him. The daughter proceeded to pet the dog and the mom was like, honey, I don't think this is a good idea. The dog got upset and jumped at the little girl with a vicious bark and the girl started crying. The mom was like, oh, it's ok, she needed to learn a lesson. This is just my opinion, but I think the mom was an idiot.

From Union Square I took the R Train to Times Square, where I caught the 7 Train to Queens. I met my friends in Woodside and we proceeded to Flushing, where Spicy & Tasty is. If you recall, the last time I went to Spicy & Tasty I went by myself, which isn't a horrible thing to do, but it is certainly better to go with other people so you can get a lot of dishes.

We got: Fish in Fresh Hot Pepper; Pork with Yellow Leeks; Spicy and Sour Clear Noodles; and Some Tofu Dish. Everything was awesome. This restaurant is a breathtaking wonderment.

Fish in Fresh Hot Pepper; Spicy and Sour Clear Noodles

Pork with Yellow Leeks; Some Tofu Dish

On the way out I spotted the Master, that genius of sauces and other things. I grabbed my phone and took a picture, but, perhaps sensing this, he bent over and I only got a shot of his side, his head completely out of view. He is a special Master, indeed. Next time I am going to ask to be his apprentice, which will require me standing outside the restaurant for days in the rainy cold before I am allowed to come in. Then I will have to hold chopsticks in my nose for weeks while reciting the following Koan: "What is more yellow, Fish with Red Pepper or Pork with Yellow Leeks?" When I try to explain that's not really a very good Koan, I will be slapped with cucumbers.

Such is the road to Enlightenment.

Do you see the Master? (hint: not the waitress)