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Monday, November 3, 2008

Useless Day

Yesterday I went to the store to buy some toothpaste. I've noticed that in recent years, the varieties of toothpaste have increased to an absurd level. One type has whitening, one has breath fresheners, one has both, one has both but the breath freshener is different, one lasts for 12 hours and contains baking soda while another lasts 8 hours but does not contain baking soda, another contains aloe, another contains vitamin E, another -- ahhh!

I ended up being so traumatized by my experience that I almost literally did nothing yesterday. Thankfully after 10 hours or so of doing nothing, I did go to dinner with a couple of friends at a Korean restaurant, and when my friend pointed out a cockroach that was perched on the wall to the waiter, the waiter did some really strange maneuver to capture the cockroach, looked sad and ashamed and apologized and bowed, and then brought us these really delicious beverages on the house. But other than that interesting moment and me going to dinner, I really just couldn't do anything all day.

Anyway, the end.