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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Three Floppys

Floppy 2: Wow, it is SUCH a nice day today! Think of all the fun things we could do!

We could go to the park, take a trip to the shore -- really, we could do anything!

^&*@@ *@@@@ ()@#@##-!!@

Yeah, what's wrong Floppy 1?

Oh, nothing...

Come on, out with it...

Fine. I got a horrible hair cut. It's just awful. And I keep going to the same place and they butcher me!

Where did you go?


That isn't important. I just feel wretched.

Well I think it looks nice.

*&^@#@ (@*@* %@!@* # &(^@

That's a great idea, Floppy 3! What do you say, Floppy 1?

No no, I'm too embarrassed. I just want to stay home.

Look, go put on a hat, it'll be fine. The more fun you have, the quicker time will go, and before you know it your hair will be back just to how you like it!

Floppy 3: &#$@#@ ^&@@@

I know, I didn't want to say anything. That is the worst haircut I have ever seen.


Floppy 2: I'll tell ya! There's nothing like the all-you-can-eat shrimp!
Floppy 1: Yeah yeah, it's good.
Floppy 3: ***#&$ *$&*$*