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Monday, October 6, 2008

Denim Chino Sighting

It is with a heavy heart that I hereby declare that on Saturday the 4th of October, year 2008, in the town of Wynewood, Pennsylvania, I witnessed an individual wearing a denim-style chino. Said individual was most likely in his 50s, a tad stocky, with balding hair. Said individual was in the post office mailing some sort of "item."

Here is photographic evidence...

A classic pair of denim chinos. Not apparent from this shot is the pleated nature of these pants. Also notice the all-white sneakers -- a classic accompaniment of the denim chino. Fortunately, these were not waistband denim trousers. Still, I felt sick to my stomach and had to go stand outside.

When this "man" left the post office, he stood outside, directly facing me for a minute, and I pulled out my phone and quickly zoomed in on his atrocious "pants" to take another picture. In a cruel twist of fate, my memory was full and therefore I only had time to quickly grab a shot as he was walking away. Honestly, maybe that was for the best, because these pants were overwhelmingly bad.