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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Chronicles of Mister Bibb Lettuce

Hi. This weekend I was in a Whole Foods with my roommate and my roommate said he likes bibb lettuce. I think 'bibb lettuce' sounds funny and I thought it would make a good name. And since names can only refer to actual things, I decided I would have to create a character named Bibb Lettuce.

Here are his Chronicles -- The Chronicles of Mister Bibb Lettuce.



Hm. I like ice cream sundaes. I also like The Wild Bunch. Ouch! My arm hurts! I'm feeling a little tired of the city. Wait! I know! I'll take a train ride to the country!

Ah yes, a wonderful day to go to the country! Well, hello there, my good man! Sir? I'm speaking to you? Hello?


Ah, Grand Central!


Hello there, my good man! Don't you just love taking train rides to the country!?

Ah, the country! This is exactly what I needed! Whew, I'm getting a little tired. And hungry. My tummy needs some food! Where should I go? Wait! I know!

To be continued...