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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dooku's Corner

My Jedi powers are far superior to your own...

Oh, hello. Welcome to Dooku's Corner...I'm Count Dooku. I am so pleased that you could join me. I will be appearing sporadically with updates on all things fabulous, including fashion, cinema, cinnamon buns, and also other baked goods.

And now, Dooku's Corner...

The creators of The Wire and Oz are proposing an HBO mini-series based on Manhunt, an historical account of the Lincoln assassination. I hold a special affection for John Wilkes Booth, who purportedly shouted "Sic temper tyrannis" as he fled the scene. For those who don't know, my Sith name is Darth Tyrannus. Do you see the connection? Sic temper TYRANNIS/ Darth TYRANNUS? Do you see? Do you? Anyway, a special thanks to 'Joseph' for the tip.

Yes, I know Cinnabon is a chain, but I'll be damned if they don't make one of the finest cinnamon buns I have ever tasted. Also, their name is very clever, combining "cinnamon" with "bun." Try it today if you have not already, and if you have, go and treat yourself to yet another! Ha!