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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life is absurd; Sleepy's is absurd

I was walking home this evening and I noticed the above sign hanging in the window at Sleepy's. Read it carefully. "We will beat anyone's price by 20% or it's FREE." Read it again. "We will beat anyone's price by 20% or it's FREE." Does this make sense? I mean, yes, it makes sense, you can understand what they are saying, but is this at all rational?

Consider the following scenario...

Customer: Yes, hello. I saw this mattress advertised in the paper at another store for only $600. Will you beat this price by 20%?

Sleepy's Manager: Hm, I see. Well, you know what? No, I can't beat that price by 20%, therefore you can have it for free.

I guess my point is: Why in the name of goodness would Sleepy's NOT beat the price by 20% and just give it away for free? Am I totally missing something here? Please tell me if I am, because otherwise this is just the most absurd ultimatum in history (well, it's certainly up there, anyway).