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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Special Chuck E Cheese Update

Hello from Skeetsville.

Well first, I'm not feeling very well. It seems that the Progresso Soup Corporation is really trying to push its cream of broccoli soup. As mentioned, Don makes me eat a bowl every 20 minutes or so as per our deal with Progresso, but I also have to eat a slice of pizza so that people still buy Chuck E Cheese food. Anyway, if you ever wondered, cream of broccoli soup and pizza do not go together that well. Ha! Oh well, I'm not upset that I was not even asked my opinion on this matter. Don is the boss and Don knows best!

Since I'm kind of sick, Tottles asked if he could do a little update, basically just introducing himself and giving some background. Anyway, here's Tottles, unedited...

Hello I'm Tottles! Its very nice to meet you on this internet. I grew up in Rosewater California right near the Oregon border thank you very much. And your welcome so so much! As a youngster I had a knack for numbers so I went to college at Rosewater State for accounting. Those were some fun times! I was always playing pranks and thats when I got my nickname Tottles.

This is a picture from my days at Rosewater State

After school I went to work for KPMG in Iowa City Iowa. After work I would usually just walk around and try to tell people jokes and even play pranks! Sometimes I would just put this really adhesive glue on benches and people would sit down and then when they tried to get up I would laugh and just yell out "Tottles!" and run away. I usually ate dinner at Dennys, and then I would go home and watch old sitcoms like the Dick Van Dyke Show or Gilligans Island.

I also went on some trips because I like seeing new places and also I like trying out my sense of humor on other peoples.

A picture from my safari in Africa

This is a picture from when I backpacked across Europe

I retired from KPMG back in 2001 and then I moved to Skeetsville. I had always wanted to work at Chuck E Cheese because I liked the games and the playful attitude. I have been working as head dishwasher for 7 years now and I love it! My favorite prank is to bake breadsticks that are in funny shapes or using our signature marinara sauce to spell out different words!

So now you know about me!