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Monday, June 2, 2008

An Adventure For The Ages

Yesterday I went on a very brave adventure. Most people cannot even fathom what occurred. I will do my best here to convey to you -- although it is impossible for you to truly understand -- what took place during my quest.

Anyway, you may recall that in a recent post I discussed my plans for a 5 borough walking journey. Just as the Hebrews sent spies into the promised land before entering, just as...I don't know, but anyway, I wanted to do a test-run before I did the full 34 mile, 5 borough journey.

My main concern had been the portion spanning Staten Island to the GW Bridge. So yesterday, starting at 1:00pm, I crossed the GW Bridge to New Jersey, and proceeded to walk south until I reached Bayonne, where I crossed the only bridge with a pedestrian walkway to Staten Island. I concluded the walk at 8:40.

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Anyway, it was a very difficult walk. I didn't really know where I was going. All I knew was that I needed to walk south. Many times I came to a dead-end and had to walk back and get on another road. I went through many neighborhoods I've never been to before. I had to cross turnpikes, where I no doubt looked like a homeless drifter. I had to stop and get quite a few fountain sodas. Yes, as you can see, it was quite epic.

The GW Bridge from Manhattan, looking to New Jersey

The view of Manhattan from the bridge

A view of the UWS from River Road, around Port Imperial, NJ

I don't even know where I am here, but obviously I can see Manhattan

I needed some jerky to re-charge

A cute little street in Hoboken

In Hoboken they have a Boston CHICKEN, as in not Boston Market, but Boston Chicken, the original name! After my Boston Market journey, I am rather surprised I didn't eat here, but I was anxious to keep walking.

Lower Manhattan as seen from Morris Canal

Dead end!



Aha! Getting close...

Beginning to cross the Bayonne Bridge into Staten Island

Cranes in New Jersey, as seen on the Bayonne Bridge

Manhattan, as seen on the Bayonne Bridge

The sunset, as seen on the Bayonne Bridge

Aha! Staten Island, at last! Now it's time to head to the ferry...

Whoops. I took the bus in the wrong direction and ended up at a strip mall, the avoidance of strip malls being the main reason I moved to New York

Finally made it to the Staten Island Ferry!

On the ferry, getting close to Manhattan. Luckily, you cannot see it in this picture, but these two old people were making out, I guess because they thought the view was "romantic."

Thus concluded my great adventure. I got home at 11:30 or so. It was a long day. Because of all the walking and sweating, I imagine, some of the dye from my jeans bled through and stained my legs. When I took off my pants I thought my legs were bruised and I was freaked out, but it was just the dye from the denim.

The 5 borough walk is going to be very very difficult. I might have to do some more conditioning before I'm ready. I will do it, though!

The End.