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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NY Times Layoffs/Food and Pants acquisitions

The New York Times, like the newspaper industry in general, has been struggling these past several years. Circulation is down, and with it so are revenues. Editor-in-Chief Bill Keller wrote a memo to the staff concerning upcoming layoffs...

I want to thank each of you for your patience, your forbearance and your support during this extremely difficult period. Now more than ever the newsroom needs you -- your intelligence and creativity, your energy and dedication.

Did you hear that? Bill Keller needs YOU and all YOUR awesome qualities ('you' being each and every NY Times writer. If you are not a NY Times writer, it is highly unlikely that you possess intelligence, energy and dedication to the degree that they do).

Anyway, unlike the Times, I am very happy to say that Food and Pants is thriving, and not only are we not laying off staff writers, we're actually hiring! I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome two new people to our staff.

Hello! I'm Snuggles! Hehe! I'm so happy to be writing for Food & Pants! I like blankets! Hehe!

Aha! Adventure! My name is Peter Bernard Rainwater. Aha!

Please join me in welcoming these additions to Food and Pants. Also, I want to thank you so much much for your greatness -- your good looks, your likable personality, your moral wisdom, etc. Thank YOU.