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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Problems of Cozy Funny Hello : Introduction

The historian of Cozy Funny Hello faces many problems. Some of these problems are unique to Cozy Funny Hello, others are shared by the larger scholarly community. For instance, and to wit, ergo, the Cozy Funny Hello historian, like all historians, must face the issue of collective and individual memory. Also, and I must stress, and what I'm trying to suggest is, Hi?

Problems specific to Cozy Funny Hello include how much of a role did the Ewoks play in the development of the Tenders, a very significant imagining of Cozy Funny Hello.

To give a brief summary, it is generally agreed by scholars that there were 3 major influences on Cozy Funny Hello: 1) Snuggles 2) Ewoks and 3) 'Warm & Tender,' an album of children's lullaby's by Olivia Newton John.



'Warm & Tender'

It has been argued for years which of these influences was most important. I, along with Professor John-John Bobby of Harvard, tend to take a synergistic, holistic approach to this problem. In other words, what I'm trying to suggest is that all three influences were equally important, and without all three you would not have Cozy Funny Hello, at least not as it came to be.

And just how did it come to be? There are three main stages of Cozy Funny Hello: 1) The Primal Stage, which focused on warm and tender, and also the creatures known as Tenders 2) The Coalescing Stage, which focused on using warm and cozy epithets to name real-life individuals 3) The Regeneration State, in which the tropes of the prior stages were used in new and, on the surface, different ways, to expand Cozy Funny Hello into not simply a self-encapsulated world, but a fully developed mode of being.

The rest of this work shall explore these many blankets and surprises.

Harold Bloom
Sterling Professor of the Humanities, Yale