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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pant Length and Socks

I have always thought that it is immoral to wear pants that are too short. In fact, in just this past week, I have commented at least twice about pants that are too short. Things change, though, and I am beginning to question my old assumptions about trouser length.

Specifically, I have been reflecting on socks and the role they play in society, in the psychosocial development of a person, etc. I am starting to believe that socks are actually much more important than I once thought. Recently I have begun buying socks that have cute stripes or patterns, and that have spring colors.

I'm starting to think that it might even be cool to wear pants that are a tad short so that some of these colorful socks can be displayed.

In this picture I am holding up my pants a little to mimic the look of a short trouser with visible socks

You can't tell, but the stripes are actually powder blue, giving them a subtle spring feel