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Monday, April 21, 2008

Epic Trek

Hi. This weekend - on Saturday - I walked the entire length of Manhattan, a distance of approximately 13.5 miles. This is something I have done before and I really enjoy it. I took the 1 train from 103rd up to 225 in the Bronx. Then I crossed over into Manhattan and walked on Broadway all the way down to Battery Park.

Anyway, I think I have decided that next weekend I am going to do a round trip. I am going to start at Battery Park, walk up Broadway to the Bronx, then turn back and return to Battery Park. This walk will be the distance of a marathon. I am very excited. This summer I think I am going to go on many epic walks, including some in Brooklyn and Queens (maybe even Bronx, although I doubt I would stoop to walking in Staten Island).

Anyway, here are some pictures from this weekend's walk...

Before my walk I needed a very large meal to power my journey; I therefore went to Subway

Crossing the bridge from the Bronx to Manhattan; the water looks brown

Crossing the street where I actually live - I was so tempted to go home and collapse on my bed and drink a milkshake

Getting close to Times Square - an epic nomad's worst nightmare

By the end of my journey the sky had turned gray and a mist was coming from the east; the mists are enveloping the Statue of Liberty, that mythic stone of yesteryear's hopes and rashes